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On the shopping list...

These are my personal faves and on my shopping list/must buy on the Public Desire new season collection.Theres a clear trend of thigh high/knee high, laced stilettos and chunky summer sandals!Check out their brand website to shop online, click on the link above.



Style Tips:Get the Coachella Look

How To Achieve The Coachella Look

1. Dye your locks a funky colour:
Kyle Jenner wore a blue wig at Coachella and Dip Dye is always in during the Summer so grab some semi permanent Hair dye in Blue, Pink, Peach or Purple and do it!Blondes have it easy to achieve this!If you don‘t want to dye your real hair dip dye your hair extensions!Or buy a funky wig!
2. Crotchet:
This includes Crop-Tops, Shorts and Dresses.
Missguided: £20
Topshop: £22

3.Printed/Lace Flared Trousers
Missguided: £25
River Island £35
4. Fringe Everythangggg!
Fringe is a key trend this Summer, Fringe bags, dresses, playsuits,boots,sandals, shorts and tops.

Missguided £35
Zara 179chf
Zara 39.90chf
5. Floppy Hats
Topshop £28
Topshop £32

6.Crop Tops
Missguided £15
Riverisland £22
Topshop £18
7.Festival Footwear

  • Platform Sandals this includes Jelly shoes!

Missguided £25
Topshop £30
  • Pixie Boots, Gladiator Sandals,Fringe knee/thigh high length boots in Tan or Black or Dr Martins.
Dr Martins £105
Topshop £52
  • Trainers
Reebok £55
Nike Balance £65
Topshop £16
Riverisland £10
UrbanOutfitters £16

Zara 34.90chf
UrbanOutfitters £54

This includes Flower headpieces,Bindis, Head Chains and head scarves.

Topshop £10

11.Choker Necklaces/Statement Necklaces
Other Jewellery pieces including bangle bracelets, rings, ankle bracelets, nose studs, Body chains THE LOT!

Urban £10     
Topshop £10
Small Back packs, Bumbags and Tasselled Bags ONLY!

Urban £28
Topshop £55

And Other...

13.Denim Ripped Shorts
14.Henna Tattoo
18.Tie Dye

Coachella 2015

Lets talk about the No1 FESTIVAL atm...

Coachella is an annual festival based in LA and it is happening right now and if your not there (like myself) then really we are not living!and we are missing out :(

Im not going to discuss the Indie/House music lineup of Coachella because lets face it as fab as it is the main topic is the insane fashion individuals that attend this festival. This festival attracts all the Boho and modern day Hippies worldwide who have the best style hence why they are all over the internet and Instagram right now!

Celebrities are also a keen attraction at Coachella! Celebs such as Kyle and Kendal Jenner, Rita Ora, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry,Beyonce, Rihanna are just a few that attend the festival annually. Coachella is basically a battle of who is wearing the best outfit and I LOVE IT!!

Coachella 2014 Outfit Inspiration:Who wore what?

Coachella 2015 Outfit Inspiration: Who wore what?

Kyle Jenner
Paris and Nicky Hilton
Vanessa Hudgens
Kendal Jenner
Katy Perry
Jourdan Dunn
The Jenners
Katy Perry
© Marianna Reid

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