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 Gym Wear

Health and Fitness is not only just a hobby for some these days its a lifestyle to most. From crazy diets from the Gluten Free, The Atkins to the Juicing craze to the clear increase in personal fitness iconic figures seen all over social media giving us the nutrition and fitness tips we desire to gain our body goals. There is no denying their is a huge craze for being healthy, fit and just looking the very best we possibly can physically. Celebrities and Fashion Models used to deny being on strict diets and having a gruelling fitness regime daily but now in 2016 they are more than happy to admit they have personal ,private, home chefs and the very best personal trainers to keep them in the best shape and lets not forget they have access to the very best plastic surgeons in the world. This however gives us "mere mortals" hope that we too can look like a Victoria Secret Model or at least try to, now the secret is out that its not down to just good genetics but the celebs also have to work out hard and eat right to be in good shape.

The Fitness and Health industry is a billion dollar market and its popularity is still excessively increasing every year. This has not gone unnoticed.Huge fashion retailers and sport wear brands are now competing against high designers and high street brands who have launched their own sport wear collections for those gym fanatics. Brands such as H&M, Missguided,Victoria Secret, Ivy park, Pink Soda, Lulu Lemon, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Ellesse are the most popular gym wear brands in the market today. With Celebrities endorsing and collaborating with sport wear brands such as Rita Ora with Adidas, Beyonce with her new sports wear collection Ivy Park and Rihanna with Puma the sports wear market is thriving.

Rita Ora X Adidas

Rihanna Puma

Beyonce Ivy Park

These days choosing a gym outfit is similar to picking an outfit for an event because lets just face it nobody wants to look frumpy or bad at the gym. Its hard enough for some to even motivate themselves to step through the gym entrance or it can be quite daunting to compare yourself to the regular gym goers so why not look the part whilst losing them extra pounds or toning up for that dream bikini body.

As a regular gym goer myself I find purchasing new gym wear as a huge motivation to actually go to the gym and workout. I personally love the bold vibrant coloured gym wear including printed yoga pants, branded sports bras and running trainers.
My Gym outfit
The sports wear brands have massively innovated their styles and materials in their products that are actually very flattering to the female physique.
Gym wear has now become a trend, its no longer inappropriate to wear gym wear outside of the gym. Known as the post-workout look celebrities are regularly papped after a gym session and their outfits are then seen on all the huge fashion websites such as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan as style inspiration.

Kyle Jenner

Gigi Hadid
Kendal Jenner
Kylie Jenner


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