Fashion News: Versace A/W 2016

Which Luxury Fashion Brand has caused a media stir this week?
Versace recently released their Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign last week and they have received quite the reaction. The Campaign was shot by Bruce Weber and the models starring in it are American models Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. The A/W campaign and theme is of the young mothers holding their children's hands with their partners, a family oriented theme so why the negative feedback from the public?

Since the campaign was unveiled their has been a mixture of reactions and explicit discussion on social media regarding the promotion of "Teen Mums" or "Young Mums" and the depiction of the two young models being mothers was highly unrealistic to some with Karlie Kloss being 23 years old and Gigi Hadid 21 years old.

Others have praised the new campaign with the portrayal of a racially diverse family which is not seen often in luxury high fashion advertisements.

Donatella Versace spoke out about the new campaign saying, 

"With my collections, I have been thinking more and more about the real life of Versace and the complexity of women's lives. They run their own business, look after their family, travel, share time with their friends all often in the same day. I wanted to show the fullness of the Versace life in our campaigns".

My personal opinion on the Versace A/W 16 campaign is that the public should be less ignorant and more open minded about this campaign. Versace is trying to imply that any mother at any age can still dress in Versace and on trend. As Donatella said women are superhuman beings who can juggle being a mother, work full-time, look after their husbands and have a social life. The brand is promoting womanhood and not only that but multi-cultural families which is very common and realistic in this day and age. It indicates that Versace is really focused on innovating its brand with society influences and that the brand is focused on increasing their consumer target market by using Gigi and Karlie in this advert, this targets the younger female demographic and mothers at all ages.

What are your thoughts on this campaign?

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