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 Whats more stressful than a fake eyelash not sticking on your eyelid perfectly or it taking ten minutes for the actual eyelash to stay on?How about being rushed to get ready or not finding an outfit for a certain event! I think this, in particular is on par with that level of stress; Packing your suitcase for a holiday. So why is packing so stressful? Is it because we over pack but really who packs lightly we havent paid £30 for baggage in the hold for a suitcase that is under 20kg and lets face the fact that there is no way you can actually fit all the things you want to bring on holiday with you in hand luggage.Lets not forget the fact you can't bring any liquids or toiletries in hand luggage so are you actually saving money when not paying for baggage in the hold or are you actually spending the same amount or more on travel sized toiletries at the airport or even at your holiday location? 
I think we've all had that packing experience where your bedroom looks like its just exploded all your belongings out of your wardrobes.Plus the intense struggle of actually doing the zip to your suitcase and what seems like extreme cardio to sit, stand, squeeze, scream and maybe even cry to do the zip up.
People who tell you to pack lightly most likely are the ones that have no interest in fashion and own probably five items in their wardrobe, so don't listen to them even if it is your parents or your boyfriend (I would know).There is also a reason to why suitcases now have wheels so we can overpack and bring all the outfits we want to wear on the rare holidays we take every year.
Packing doesn't have to be stressful if you follow my guides lines on;
 How to pack properly for a holiday.
1.  Make sure you take the right size and adaptable suitcase,preferably one with wheels. Travelling is stressful as it is so don't make your life more difficult in taking a suitcase that has a broken zip or isn't big enough for the amount of items you want to take on holiday with you. Also ALWAYS weigh your suitcase at the end of packing to see if it weighs the amount it should! Airlines are strict on weight limits and you don't want to pay more for extra weight!
2. To reduce the stress in what to pack and take with you on holiday, shop a few weeks beforehand to buy all the holiday essentials and outfits you need. This will make packing a lot faster and easier for you.
3. Make a holiday list on all the things you want and need to take on holiday with you and tick them off as you pack.
4. Do not last minute pack or do it the night before the likely hood of you forgetting something is extremely high.
5. Plan each outfit beforehand. This includes clothing, accessories, shoes etc. If you outfit build for each day and night you won't over pack and also you won't panic when your on holiday and think you don't have anything to wear for each occasion.
6. Make sure you iron what needs be and fold your clothes the right way and not just throw everything into your suitcase or use that rolling method because the last thing you want to happen is to be walking around with wrinkled clothing on holiday...Not cute!
My Suitcase
I am currently slowly packing my own suitcase (seen above) to Barcelona in 10 days and the guidelines I have given you in this post are ones that I follow myself. I have reduced my own stress levels by in advance doing my holiday shop and buying everything I need including all the essentials. Now all I need to do is outfit build and pack! Here are a few of my own holiday items that I think are essential for a beach holiday. 
 I think this is a common question to all females,How many swimwear items should you really take with you. My answer to that question is it all depends on the duration of your stay on holiday ie how many days are you there for? I own A LOT of swimwear and I plan to take at least ten Bikinis and three cut-out swimsuits. Why so many? I like to have the option of choice when im there and also if your having a rough body day a swimsuit is ideal to make you feel more comfortable in public also swimsuits are great for pool parties, day brunches and boat parties. Bikinis are obviously better for tanning, I recommend strapless Bikini tops and Brazilian style bottoms to reduce bad tan lines. What NOT TO WEAR;Ladies thong bikini bottoms and public topless sunbathing is not classy unless your on a secluded, private beach resort or a nudest beach (Take note).
I also have three Kaftans and one H&M 60's style romper for wearing to and back from the beach over my swimwear.
This is where I always go overboard on the packing for my addiction to shoes takes over and it sometimes even concludes to me sneakily taking a couple of pairs with me in my hand luggage as well as my main suitcase. Thinking essentially to what footwear you need to take with you on holiday I would say definitely take at least 1 pair of flips flops, 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of nice sandals, 1 pair of black stilettos (Black goes with any outfit)and 1 pair of wedges. If I'm being honest I will most probably end up taking more pairs of stilettos all depending on what outfits I choose to take with me.
I think Accessories on holiday are so under-rated when they are a MUST in my opinion. You can transform any outfit with an amazing statement Accessory. Accessories include jewellery, head pieces,head scarfs, hats, belts,sunglasses and caps. Sunglasses are a must especially if your going somewhere hot. I personally like taking a range of sunglasses depending on outfits. If your one of those people who only take one pair of sunglasses on holiday, I would like to ask you how?Why?and what if they break? My advice to you is bring options for reassurance.
Im really into hair accessories at the moment and I think headbands look CHIC with swimwear!Do not forget to bring a cap and also a beach fedora is always on trend on holiday.
The jewellery I plan to pack are statement gold,chunky necklaces which look amazing on maxi dresses/dresses, swimsuits and playsuits. 90's style bracelets worn on the upper tricep and of course I plan to take as many different styled neck chokers as possible because I am their biggest fan and I think they look fabulous with swimwear and on any outfit.

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