Vintage Fashion Brand: Rokit London

"Keepin' it Vintage since 1986"
If you have been to London and visited Camden Town and not visited the key, iconic, vintage stores in the area then you haven't "Lived!". Camden Town is known for it's Vintage markets, hipster shops, bars and restaurants. It is notorious for its music gigs and even the home town to the one and only Amy Winehouse.
When I first moved to London in 2011 I lived ten minutes away from Camden and so I know the area very well. Rokit London was one of my favourite stores to shop at as a fashion student I enjoyed mixing Vintage pieces with high street brands and I still do to this day! It gives an outfit that unique diversity edge with timeless pieces such as Vintage Levi shorts, an oversized denim jacket or a band T-shirt.
Over the past 30 years Rokit London has recycled over a million tonnes of discarded clothing and accessories to become one of the most popular Vintage stores for the style savvy Londoners with a worldwide online audience.
Rokit Began as a stall in London's iconic Camden Market in 1986 specialising in vintage denim thrifted from American cowboys. The demand was so fierce that within weeks the stall was exchanged to a two storey shop on Camden high street where it still stands today. Since then three further stores have been opened on Brick Lane and Covent Garden.
Behind the scenes Rokit's team of vintage experts are all based under one roof in the UK's biggest vintage warehouse. Hundreds of one of a kind pieces are hand selected and sent daily to their four London stores and added to their website.
Each and every garment is freshly laundered,pressed and carefully mended if needs be. Unusable styles are transformed by the Rokit recycled crew who create and customise pieces in the Rokit workshop and into seasonal trend focused designs alongside handcrafting collections from found fabrics.

My outfit goals from Rokit London's collection, you can find the items below on their main website.


Style Tips: What to wear on date night

Style Tips for: Date Night
I think we have all been in that predicament where a guy has finally picked up the courage to ask you out on a date we then  casually reply "Sure,Yeah why not", then when it comes to the date night we have the realisation of what we have actually signed up for. Then the overthinking, panic and endless flow of questions hits us, "What do I wear?", "I have no clothes!," "I am NOT going on this date!", "I didn't want a boyfriend anyway!", "Why did I agree to this stupid date?", "I am content being lonely and watching Netflix on my own", "I don't need a man, I am a strong, independent woman!",(I think you get the message).

After maybe a ten minute break down we decide to pick up the phone and call one of the girls for style advice and maybe to calm down the nerves in which they pretty much force you verbally/mentally to go on the date and stop acting a fool using the exact lines of "You can't be a Nun forever". So we pick up the courage (Dutch Courage i.e a glass of wine)and rade the wardrobe.
So what should you wear on a date? I am not a dating expert but I think one thing I get right is first dates seeing that 2 out of 3 Boyfriends pretty much made me their girlfriend after the first date! Some may think that what you wear on a first date doesn't matter, these people are probably still single!Do not listen to them.Of course it matters its just like a job interview you are judged on your appearance and how you present yourself. Do you really think this guy is going to think ,"This girl is Girlfriend or even Wifey material" if you show up to your date in your PJ's, Tracksuit, Hair unbrushed, no make-up on or even just basic clothes, basically looking like you really don't care?NO! First impressions is everything and how you present yourself will increase your chances in this guy finding you attractive and even a second date and lets face it thats what you want at the end of the day if not then why did you agree to the date in the first place.

My advice to a first date outfit is find out the location and activity of the date. If its a surprise date then keep it smart/casual meaning skinny jeans, nice top and heels. Do not over do it in wearing a bodycon dress! I would give any dress,mini skirts, mini shorts, lycra,latex,sheer,lace,low-cut tops and bodies a miss on the first date. It implies your trying to hard to impress. Anything that is too sexy cross off,you want to leave something to the imagination and you want to look tasteful and classy someone that he can take home to meet his family (GF material).

Always wear heels on your dates,your a lady so dress like one trainers and flats are a no and men are sexually attracted to heels (FACT).Heels also dress up any outfit even if you are dressed in just jeans and a top!

Stylist Picks: Date Night Outfit Inspiration
Balmain Top £150
Frame Jeans £205
Gucci Belt £270
Tom Ford £810
Saint Laurent £1190
Gucci Choker £260

Footwear Brand: Aquazurra


You are not a real shoe fanatic unless you know Aquazurra. The Luxury, Italian footwear brand Aquazurra was launched in 2011 by its creator and designer Edgardo Osorio. The brand is a balance of modern styled design and craftsmanship. Inspired by the European luxury,traditional culture and lifestyle. The footwear exudes femininity,elegance and uniqueness with an added edge which is why the brand is now a known name in the luxury fashion world, up there with Christian Louboutin, Manola Blahnik, Gianvito Rossi and Jimmy Choo.
Their Headquarters is based in Palazzo Corsini, Italy and manufactured by the best Italian shoemakers and craftspeople in the world. In just 4 years Aquazurra is now sold in 48 countries within the top retailers in the world.
Spring/Summer 16
Aquazurra joined forces with British model and older sister to the famous supermodel Cara;Poppy Delevingne to create an exclusive resort 2016 capsule collection for S/S 16.The collection included 8 covetable styles inspired by Delevingne's globetrotting lifestyle.
"I've always admired Poppy and I love her bohemian style:a very English mix of kooky and chic. We wanted to capture the tone of her wedding in Morocco;mystical and romantic. I met her and instantly adored her;she was wearing Aquazurra shoes it seemed like a good match". Edgardo Osorio
 Aquazurra S/S 16 Collection 
The chosen footwear below are my favourites picked out of their S/S16 collection including new arrivals. Click on the link above to shop online on their main website and for more details on the brand.
Wild Thing 105 €575
Milla Jewel 105 €1,200
Midnight Sandal 105 €450
Desert Sun 105 €405
French Lover 105 €595
Latin Lover Sandal 105 €450

Wild Thing 105 Blue €475
Disco Thing 105 €725

Steal Her Style: Hailey Rhode Baldwin

Hailey Rhode Baldwin

Your probably thinking right now(some of you) that you kind of recognise her but you can't quite remember how. Am I right? Well let me remind you of all the information you need to know about Hailey Baldwin our next "Steal Her Style", celebrity muse. Hailey Rhode Baldwin is American and you might recognise her famous last name! Thats right she is daughter to the American Actor Stephen Baldwin and Brazilian, graphic designer mother Kennya Baldwin. Hailey is 19 years old and you might have seen her in the press with her famous girl squad including model friends; Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. She has also been rumoured to date Justin Bieber.
Hailey even though being brought up in a famous family and in the public eye from birth she is trying to make a name for herself in the modelling world like her close model buddies. Her first commercial campaign was for clothing brand French Connection in 2014 at the age of 18.
French Connection campaign 2014
She then made her runway debut in Dec 2014 for Topshop then there after her modelling career took off and she has now modelled for American Vogue, Teen Vogue, Ralf Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Philipp Plein, H&M Coachella collection, ID magazine, Wonderland and just recently Moschino and Guess.
Tommy Hilfiger
 GET HER LOOKSo now you know her background history lets get to the good bit in stealing her style. Not only is she an upcoming face on the runway she is also turning heads and grabbing our attention behind the scenes in her effortless,Rock chic, street style as seen below.
Her style includes skinny black jeans or ripped/torn jeans worn with band T-shirts, basic vest tops, sport caps, mini denim skirts and shorts. Worn with her fave footwear choice ankle,sock, heeled boots which add that vintage look to her outfit or thigh high boots to glam things up.Oversized jackets and leather jackets are another signature look of hers as well as choker necklaces, oversized hoodies and designer sunglasses to finalise the overall look.
 Get Her Look for:£321 at Topshop
Yankee cap £13
Choker £8
Leather Jacket £165
Band T-shirt £25
Ripped Skinny Jeans £45
Velvet Sock Ankle Boots £65
© Marianna Reid

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