Stunning Cosmetics: Sample & Review Of Their New Tanning Product Collection

The Stunning Beauty Panel
Last week I was chosen amongst a selected few by Stunning Cosmetics to become a member of their Stunning Beauty Panel to sample their brand new collection of innovative tanning products, which I obviously accepted being a huge tanning junkie!
 I was sent a lovely beauty package from Stunning Cosmetics which included their new Nourishing Oils Body Scrub, Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark, Tanning Glove and their Nourishing Oils Body Butter. 
I have sampled and tested all of their new products to give you an exclusive overview on the results!
If you are like me and prefer using tanning products over the Sun beds then I think you have probably experienced splashing out on various branded tanning products and experimented with tanning products such as gradual tanning foams, mousses, creams and sprays to find that perfect fake tan that suits your skin! You also want a tan that looks natural and not orange, nobody wants to look like an "Umpa Lumpa". You also want a tan that is streak-free and not patchy as well as it not having that fake tan smell which A LOT of Tanning products have. I personally have probably experimented with every branded tanning product sold in Superdrug or Boots and so I hope you trust my honest opinion on the Stunning Cosmetics Tanning product collection.
View all of the Stunning Cosmetics product collection below and shop online now to use my exclusive discount code at the online checkout for 20% off the entire collection until the end of April 2017!
Discount Code: MAZZIE20
About Stunning Cosmetics
At Stunning Cosmetics they embrace natural and organic ingredients in their products to create the perfect sunless tan. They use a professional salon tanning formula which is uniquely blended to give you an instant, streak-free, natural-looking tan in just one application. In their unique formula there are two premium tanning agents: DHI and Erythrulose which is key to their "Stunning" tan!
All of their products contain the purest ingredients with natural extracts and free from parabens which suits all skin types. All their products are also Dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.
Stunning Cosmetics New Product Collection Review
 Stunning Cosmetics chose me to be a member of the Stunning Beauty Panel testing & sampling their new product collection of innovative tanning products. I will describe the products sent to me by Stunning Cosmetics and my experience in sampling them as well as the end results to give you a full detailed overview on their new tanning product collection.
1. Nourishing Oils Body Scrub:£14
Nobody like a patchy tan which sometimes even looks like your skin is pealing, when the old gradual-tan starts to fade off the skin and the best way to get rid of this is to use a body scrub! The Nourishing Oils Body Scrub I found did the trick in removing all old, previous tanning products fading and flaking on my body. I firstly had a warm bath, I then applied the scrub onto my damp skin massaging it in circular motions and then I rinsed off all the excess body scrub with water.
I also love the smell of the Nourishing Oils Body Scrub, it has a lovely scent and fragrance to it! The scrub is for normal/ dry/very dry skin with decreased elasticity and firmness. It nourishes, hydrates and regenerates lipid layer.
2.Nourishing Oils Body Butter: £14
I always moisturise before applying a gradual-tan because I find its an easier application process and the tan sinks into the skin better with the moisturiser giving you the best flawless tan! The Nourishing Oils Body Butter is recommended to use after the scrub. It is not an overly thick cream but hydrates the skin instantly and does not have a sticky after feel. It smells AMAZING and it reminds me of holidays!It has a suncream/coconut butter aroma to it.
The body butter is for normal/dry/very dry skin and prevents premature ageing.
3.Self Tan Applicator Mitt: £4
The Stunning Cosmetics Self Tan Applicator Mitt is a must to avoid stained tanned hands and to apply the tan on properly. I found this tanning-mitt really good quality, I can tell in comparison to previous tanning mitts I have used in the past that this mitt will not rip after numerous of uses or over absorb the tanning product. The velvet side is also very soft and applies the tanning product evenly onto the skin giving you that flawless finish tan and avoiding any streaky/patchy results. You can also wash & rinse this tanning-mitt in warm soapy water to get rid of any old excess tan from previous uses and then reuse again! 
4.Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark:£10
After moisturising thoroughly I then applied the Stunning Cosmetics Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark onto my skin using the tanning mitt.I usually shake the bottle before using a tanning mousse. I applied the tan in circular motion all over my face and body making sure I didn't miss any spots. I noticed that the tanning mousse was in more of a liquid form, it was fragrance free and applied onto my skin flawlessly. I sometimes find that during the application of tan, it builds up in certain dry-skin areas and creates dark patches but this mousse didn't do that.
I found that the tan had an immediate bronze effect and helped hide skin imperfections instantly.
 I was even happier with the end results the following morning when I noticed that the tan was not orange but a natural, sun-kissed tan.It was also streak-free and not patchy. I also didn't smell like fake tan which is actually amazing and I haven't ever found a gradual-fake-tan that has been this fragrance free before! 
I highly recommend this gradual tan if you are looking for a Streak-free,fragrance-free,sunkissed,natural looking tan!
View all of the Stunning Cosmetics product collection below and shop online now to use my exclusive discount code at the online checkout for 20% off the entire collection until the end of April 2017!
Discount Code: MAZZIE20

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