Naturelle Cosmetics: Sample & Review Royal Coffee Scrub

Naturelle Cosmetics: Sample & Review Royal Coffee Scrub
I was chosen by Naturelle Cosmetics to sample their brand new body scrub the Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut and Ylang Ylang. Before I discuss the review on the products I will tell you more about the private/family owned cosmetics brand Naturelle Cosmetics.
Naturelle Cosmetics
Naturelle Cosmetics is an organic cosmetics & skincare company based in the UK. Their aim is to produce and promote only natural and organic beauty products and solutions by producing only the purest products from organic certified farms in Europe including France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.
"Naturelle Cosmetics provide only organic & natural body care, hair care and skin care cosmetic products because we believe in the power of nature in nurturing and healing our bodies in giving us our desired beauty and purity in the most natural, chemical free way".
Naturelle Cosmetics Products
The Naturelle Cosmetics products are all 100% certified, clinically proven, organic, paraben free, vegan products which are also NOT tested on animals. They sell only clinically proven and effective solutions for skin cell regeneration, moisturisation and fast healing. Product ingredients include organic omegas, antioxidant vitamins and over 100 naturally active compounds.
The Naturelle Cosmetics product categories include:
  • Skin Care:Makeup removers, face wash, cleansers, face masks, face creams, eye creams and lip balm.
  • Body Care:Bath & shower, body scrubs, exfoliants, body creams, hand creams and foot creams.
  • Hair Care:Shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.
  • Mother & Baby 
  • Men Products
  • Soaps: Ayurvedic soap and handmade soaps.
  • Oils: Essential oils, fragrance oils, essential flower waters and essential oil candles.
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Accessories

     Sample & Review:Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut & Ylang Ylang
I was chosen by Naturelle Cosmetics to sample their new body Coffee scrub the Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut and Ylang Ylang. As a female in my late 20's I take pride in my appearance. I think if you feel good on the outside you also feel good on the inside! My Sunday home pamper sessions are my favourite evenings in. Its a time I use all my favourite skin, body and hair care products as well as sample and experiment with the newest products in the cosmetics and beauty market so I was extremely excited to try a coffee scrub for the first time!
Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut
The Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut ingredients include Coffea arabica seed powder, coffea robusta seed powder, avocado oil, jojoba oil, almond seed and coconut oil.
The benefits of using a Coffee body scrub with all natural ingredients is that the caffeine stimulates blood flow in the skin and also helps with blood circulation. It helps reduce scarring, cellulite and stretch marks. The scrub naturally exfoliates dead skin, reduces inflammation & skin redness, smoothes, moisturises, deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin.It also soothes dry/itchy skin, and repairs skin damage.

Royal Coffee Scrub in Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang is one of the most spiritual herbs used in history. It is used in meditation for its calming effect and it also has a very prominent therapeutic aroma which can help with stress relief and anxiety.
Research has shown that the Ylang Ylang flower has therapeutic properties which helps the body and mind.
The Royal Coffee Scrub in Ylang Ylang also contains other ingredients such as Coffea arabica seed powder, Coffea robusta seed powder which can tighten the skin and prevent the skin from sagging. It also contains Jojoba oil which contains exfoliation elements to clean the skin thoroughly and remove old skin cells. Apricot oil, almond seeds and avocado oil is also in the Ylang Ylang scrub which helps rejuvenates and moisturises the skin resulting in a natural glow and fresh look.

My guide to using the Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut/ Review
I sampled and tried the Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut. I firstly removed all make up and products from my face and washed it with warm water. I then opened the Royal Coffee scrub in coconut  and poured the coffee scrub granules/ product onto the palm of my hand before placing it onto my face and body.
The scrub has a very strong coffee aroma mixed with other fragrances which I really like and find relaxing. The scrub granules itself has a very soft and silky texture to it and applies easily onto the skin. I would recommend washing the skin first so the scrub sticks onto it better. I also found when applying you do not need to over apply it onto the skin just cover all areas. The product stays and sticks onto the skin well and you can feel a tingling sensation when the application is completed. This scrub can be used on the whole body as well as the face. I didn't feel the need to rub the product or exfoliate it into my skin but instead I kept the product to settle into my skin and pores for over 15 minutes before washing it off in the bath with warm water. The product washes off as easy as it is to apply and it does not stick to your hair.
The results are immediate. I really noticed a glow to my skin, it also felt fully moisturised, smooth and rejuvenated after one use. I had a few spots on my chin and I found that the scrub really helped them heal. I also suffer from Eczema around my elbow region and because I used the coffee scrub all over my body including this area, I noticed it really soothed my Eczema and reduced the inflammation and itchiness/irritation of the skin.
I highly recommend the Royal Coffee Scrub the results are amazing and immediate which is quite rare in skin care products that usually take weeks or months to see such quick results. It is also very beneficial for those that suffer from Eczema and skin conditions like myself because it really helps reduce inflammation and irritation in those areas.
The only negative I have for this product is that it can be a bit messy when applying because the coffee granules are so small but whats a little mess in the bathroom if you achieve your goal in getting a great result? I will definitely be using the Royal Coffee Scrub again in my next Sunday Pamper Sessions!
You can purchase the Royal Coffee Scrub in Coconut and Ylang Ylang plus more flavours for just £9.95! You can also shop and view their other product categories on their website (in the link below).


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