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So I am currently on a mission to find not one, not two, but FOUR dresses for FOUR weddings this coming Summer and believe me you the stress is real. That is why I have started scanning the net for potential options. There are numerous of factors that go into the decision making process of finding that perfect dress for a wedding, not any wedding but one of your close friends, which you know the photos will be around for, well forever. I forgot to mention, all these weddings are abroad and around the hottest time of the year, so I need to bare that in mind and not go for a thick fabric or one that will make me profusely sweat throughout the wedding ceremony.
Last week, when I was doing the usual online research for the Spring/Summer 18 trends, I happened to fall upon a playsuit which instantly caught my eye and made me think, "I WANT THIS NOW". I then clicked onto the playsuit, intrigued to find out immediately the name of the brand. There it stated it was an Alice McCall piece. The name seemed familiar but I didn't really know much on the brand itself, I apologise in advance now for those that are reading this and are thinking, "has she been living under a rock to not know who Alice McCall is", but this is what I love about blogging, I come across new brands daily and when one does catch my interest I like to feature them on my blog. Anyway, so I decided to delve deeper and continued to scroll down the Alice McCall main website, where I discovered her current Spring/Summer 18 collection which included angelic, feminine, lace, frilled, embellished maxi dresses and playsuits in vibrant prints and colours, just what I had in mind to what I would want to wear to all of these weddings.
The Auzzie brand Alice McCall was created by, yes you've guessed it, fashion designer,  Alice McCall
Alice began her fashion career when she first moved to London at 19 years old to be a stylist, she then began to sell one of kind, silk pieces as a hobby on the side, as she identified a niche to create playful yet feminine pieces with a focus on intricate detailing. Her designs quickly got noticed and gained a loyal fan base, catching the eye of bohemian lovers such as, Kate Moss. The brand was then established in 2004 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and now has a strong presence locally and internationally with its e-boutique, 8 stores in Australia and 255 stockists globally.
"With a focus on intricate detailing, the brands designs remain uniquely feminine. Playing with the graphic use of space and colour, experimenting with fabric technique from delicate hand embroidery to developing custom- in house design laces, the concept of craft is something that remains core to the brands DNA".
Alice McCall Spring/Summer 18 Collection

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