Sun's Out, Shades On - S/S18 Sunglasses Trends

Sun's Out, Shades On!

Summer has finally arrived, which means longer days, hotter weather and the sun is brighter than ever. A key accessory for this kind of weather is obviously sunglasses. Even though sunglasses have always been a trendy accessory when styling outfits, it is however more popular than ever. Just scroll down your Instagram feed and you will guarantee see, multiple fashion models, influencers, bloggers, you name it in the industry, wearing sunglasses to conclude their final outfit look, like a cherry on a cake. I even believe sunglasses can turn a basic outfit into something trendy, with the variety of styles we are now offered, it is just about finding a style that suits not only your face but your overall personal style.
As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of sunglasses and the owner of a rather large personal collection which comes in to use on a regular basis.
I have noticed that sunglasses designs are revolutionising fashion accessories today with designers having no boundaries in product creation and transforming basic frames to futuristic, avant-garde pieces of art as seen in this years S/S18 sunglasses trends.
So what are the key sunglasses trends this S/S18?

90s Micro

This sunglasses trend just screams the 1990s and is seen on literally everyone in the name of fashion and you can't deny that they are super edgy. These micro sunglasses are not the best style to protect your eyes from the sun due to their small size. Best worn on the bridge of your nose.
Styles include a variety of coloured lenses and frames shaped in cat eye, small round circular and rectangular frames. Seen at Prada and Miu Miu.

Oversized Maxi

This sunglasses trend is literally the opposite to the 90s Micro trend, as it is based on big oversized frames. This style is perfect for the none makeup days or for hiding a bad hangover, you won't have to worry these bad boys will definitely do the job in hiding the bags under your eyes. Seen at Marni, Saint Laurent, Fendi and Giorgio Armani.

Extra Diva

This trend is one of my favourites just because it is that EXTRA! Styles include dramatic, oversized futuristic frames, encrusted in diamonds and jewels, shaped as flowers, cards or designer branded logos. This trend has no boundaries and anything goes. It is the contemporary evolution of futuristic extremism in sunglasses design and it is the perfect bedazzled eyewear trend for all divas. Seen at Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu.

Find your perfect S/S18 Sunglasses here, where I have carefully selected the top sunglasses styles from these trends.

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