You Heard It Here First: Sabo Skirt

You Heard It Here First: Sabo Skirt

Instagram is like a treasure box in terms of using it as a platform to discover new online fashion brands all over the world. I probably follow more fashion brands than men on Instagram (FACT). Recently I have been searching for potential Summer outfits for my upcoming holidays around Europe. I'm not sure if this is just me but I love coordinating my planned outfits in relation to the country I am visiting, for example using the countries traditional culture as outfit inspiration. So in my head I have an image of exactly the style I want to go for the only trouble is I don't know which brand sells these items or where to start to look for them, so what do I do, I research online. That is when I came across a GEM on Instagram, a brand that matched the exact Summer 18 style I was looking for and I thought I would share them with you.

Introducing you to the Australian fashion brand, Sabo Skirt.


About Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt is an Australian label founded by BFF's and sisters-in law Thessy and Yiota Koizoukas who are BTW in their 20's and are also on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, (Legit life goals). The brand originated from being a blog in 2011 but has now grown into its own empire due to their unique designs, brand originality, affordable prices and lets not forget their HUGE online fan base including their IG following of 1.6 million followers.

 Sabo Skirt sets their own trends with their statement feminine touch to all their designs. I love how they play around with materials in layering the fabrics in a flirty manner enhancing the female silhouette and adding additional details to complete the look with bows, frills and cute prints.
The brand as a whole has a very European vibe to it, eg, I would wear their cute stripy sailor dress with their straw hat in St Tropez and wear their polka dot cut-out dress with their matching hair scrunchie in Tuscany.

Their current collection includes womenswear products such as dresses, playsuits, knitwear, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, outerwear, accessories, sunglasses, bags, hats, jewellery and shoes. 
Their current collection includes:

Footwear Line: Wanted X Sabo Shoes

Jewellery Line: Luv AJ X Sabo Luxe

Swimwear Line: Sabo Swim

Womenswear line: Sabo Luxe

Formal wear: Sabo Formal

For more information on the Sabo Skirt brand and to shop their current collection visit their website, (FYI they ship worldwide).

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