Get Blinged Up With Cendré

As you know I am always on the look out on Instagram for new fashion brands from all sectors of the industry, some that may not be well known or have a large following but ones that really catch my eye and ones that I can see have great potential to make their name in the industry. I look out for main factors including their brand image, how they portray themselves on Instagram, their photographs (obviously) including fashion editorial shots, styling and also how they convey their product collection online. This activity or scouting as you may call it came quite naturally to me, as I like to look for new trends online and I am curious to see what brands fashion influencers are wearing as well as being on the look out for brands that I think will be suitable or worth mentioning on my blog. I can say so far that I am really impressed with the Australian smaller brands on Instagram they all seem to have a really individual, quirky charm to their brands and I am a sucker for Bohemian/Vintage style which they tend to focus on.
The other day I was particularly focused on finding a small jewellery brand on Instagram that sold my favourite kind of Jewellery, Gold ONLY pieces; from gold chains to hoop earrings to oversized chunky rings with a Vintage twist. It is quite rare to find a Jewellery brand that only primarily has a Gold only product collection but Silver has never suited me and I have always been a Gold Jewellery wearer since I was born so the challenge was on in searching for the brand that offered my particular need.
That is when I came across the Australian brand, CENDRÉ.

Get Blinged Up With CENDRÉ

Introducing you to the Auzzy brand CENDRÉ (pronounced CEN-DRAY).
"Providing accessories for the Modern Muse".
 This Auzzy brand has a twist as its brand image is highly influenced by the Parisienne style. They offer handcrafted, delicate jewellery pieces that are minimalistic but timeless.
Their product collection includes religious pendant necklaces, chunky hoop earrings, Vintage 90's style sunglasses, chain shoulder bags, French berets and hair scarves. All Jewellery pieces are Gold plated and are super affordable, (Exactly what I was looking for).
"CENRÉ pays homage to the timelessness of Parisienne opulence and the simplicity of contemporary minimalism. CENDRÉ'S collection is comprised of staples and accessories made for the eternal modern muse. Think sun-drenched beauties, member of the jet set and women with Parisienne sensibilities". 
Here are my selected fave items from their current collection:
Audrey Sunglasses $38
Magnus Mesh Hoops $48
Saint Pendant Necklace $60
Amber Polka Dot Scarf $32
Juliette Tortoiseshell Earrings $32
Femme Pendant Necklace $66
Beaucoup Beret/Camel $29
Madame Bag $69

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