The New Collaboration Collection: Gucci x Dapper Dan

Gucci x Dapper Dan

In September 2017, Gucci announced its collaboration with the iconic Harlem couturier, Dapper Dan, since then they have been secretly undergoing the design process of this exclusive collection and we have not seen or heard about it, until now.
 The creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele and Dapper Dan officially launched the new collaboration collection last month, (17th July) and it was most definitely worth the wait and lives up to our highest expectations.

The Collection

The collaboration collection capsule is inspired by the New York streets of Harlem and Dapper Dan's custom pieces from his 80's/90's archives. The product collection ranges from ready-to-wear apparel, footwear, eyewear, leather bags and accessories.

"Exploring the synergy of design between Dapper Dan and creative director Alessandro Michele the new collection of ready-to-wear and accessories features tracksuits in luxurious fabrics denim with 80's washes and fits and GG canvas jacquard jackets". Gucci

"Predictably debonair like the legendary hip-hop tailor himself, the Gucci-Dapper Dan collection reimagines Dan's ’80s and ’90s designs worn by rappers, boxers and bootleggers, alike, with a Guccified twist". Vogue

The Collection Capsule Look book

The collaboration look book was shot by the very talented, Ari Marcopoulo. The images were captured in the streets of Harlem and its natives of the area were the models, which pays homage to the archive imagery uncovered of people wearing bespoke Dapper Dan pieces during his heyday. 

Learn more and shop the Gucci x Dapper Dan collection here:

Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S19 - Street Style

Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S19 

Street Style

Last week I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across some serious fashion street style inspiration. I wanted to know immediately; Who these ladies were?What brands they were wearing? Which event were they at? I then discovered that these stylish fashionistas were guests attending the Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19 shows which dated from August 7th-10th.

After visiting the stunning city of Copenhagen two years ago myself, I saw in person the Scandinavian iconic street style up close. I am a great lover/fan of the activity of, "People watching", and find outfit inspiration in doing so. Copenhagen is most definitely one of my favourite cities in the world to people watch. It is the kind of place that you can sit at an outdoor café and just watch people pass by in their personal, unique style, and feel inspired.

The Danish ladies are seriously making the Parisienne's sweat in keeping that number one title of being the most fashionable culture in the world, as I haven't seen this much hype over Fashion Week guests street style in a very long time.
The Danish fashionistas are on another level of their own. They are not afraid of clashing colours and prints. They play around with trends and styles, mixing different era's and vintage pieces with new contemporary trends with a dash of futuristic subtleties. They also love to mix and layer different textures of fabrics. They basically have their own set rules when styling, where anything goes and they make it work. Their mentality and vision of stepping out of tradition or following trends or rules, is what makes their style so unique and eye-catching for us all.

The street style looks that I loved this year included floral, chiffon 70's styled maxi dresses worn with cowboy boots or flip flops. Straw bags in every style and colour was seen everywhere as well as bum bags worn round the waist or over the shoulder. Statement sunglasses were worn by all, the cat-eye frames a popular choice by most. Chunky trainers worn with bold, vibrant coloured/overly printed suits or free-flowing midi-pleated skirts. Cycling shorts worn with oversized shirts and T-shirts or blazer jackets and clashing of animal prints with checkered prints were all strong looks.

Here are my favourite Street Style Outfits from Copenhagen S/S19. 

Which one is your favourite?

Comment below.

TREND ALERT: Cycling Shorts

TREND ALERT: Cycling Shorts

A key trend that hit the S/S18 runway and has made a late Summer appearance is the Cycling Shorts or also known as the Bike Shorts trend. This trend first surfaced in the early 90's then reappeared in the mid 2000's and now it has made another return (YAY). Celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry and Hailey Baldwin have all been seen wearing this trend and it is known as the most popular S/S18 celeb trend this Summer.
 I am kicking myself in this moment of time because 10 years ago I most definitely did own two or three cycling shorts, which have seemed to secretly disappear from my wardrobe, most probably from an annual clothing clear out I do, but still, remind oneself, do not throw away possible future trendy clothes.
How to wear this trend:
 Go for a Lycra cropped style cycling short, wear with XXL oversized shirts, t-shirts or knits with chunky trainers or sliders.
Opt for a longer version of the lycra cycling short collaborate it with a tailored blazer and stilettos for an evening look.
The reason why this trend is really circulating the streets is the fact it is super flattering to all female silhouettes, because the material used is Lycra and the style is high-waisted it sucks you in, in all the right places. It's basically like wearing SPANX as shorts! Try this look yourself.
Off White
Nina Ricci 

Shop the Cycling Shorts trend here:

Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Wedding Season is amongst us, especially for those who are in their mid to late twenties. I'm 28 and with that I have been invited to four weddings this year, that is when you know you're getting old, literally everyone has the wedding bug. So far I have attended one of four weddings and I find myself in the same predicament as before when searching for that perfect dress/outfit to suit the occasion. So why is it so hard finding a wedding outfit? Is it the pressure of knowing that the photos taken from that special day will be around forever? Forever meaning your friends photo frame placed on top of the fireplace in their sitting room or printed in their wedding album. Or does the pressure formulate from not attending that many formal events annually so it's alien to us to dress up that formally for that one occasion. Or maybe it is the fact that formal dresses are a rare breed meaning there are just not enough styles for us to choose from, making it that extra bit harder to find that perfect one.
I find that I start to hesitate,(and this is a typical reoccurrence in general life), when I am shopping for a particular item I need, the odds are, I will never find it. I have to search far and wide, in multiple stores, try on various dresses to see which seasonal styles actually flatter my current body shape until I cut out the ones that are a definite no! Online shopping for a wedding outfit in my opinion is a NO NO!Why?, because the likelihood is that you will be spending that little bit more cash on this particular outfit and to ensure you don't waste your own time, you need to try everything on before purchasing. My main advice to those in the same scenario as me is, give yourself plenty of time to find a wedding outfit, do not, I repeat do not leave it to the very last moment, you will regret it, trust me I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Never again.

The main inspiration towards this post is that I wanted to offer style advice for those that have found it as difficult as I have to put together a wedding outfit. I wanted to pass on my knowledge to what I have learnt of the Do's and Don'ts when putting together your wedding guest outfit, with this guidance you will be on your way to potentially being the best dressed wedding guest for the next future wedding!

  • Plan ahead in advance, this may mean window shopping, searching online or even just imaging what you would ideally want to wear to this upcoming wedding. That way it will be an easier shopping process and a more pleasurable, non-stressed, overall experience altogether.
  • Make sure you wear an outfit that suits the wedding location, this means dressing appropriately to the weather conditions and the destination itself. For example; Wear lighter materials for weddings abroad especially if they are in hot countries, also keep in mind what footwear would be most appropriate, also remember to bring sunglasses!
  • Choose sandal stilettos over wedges unless it is a beach wedding or worn with a maxi dress. A sandal stiletto heel is a lot classier than blocked heels and is seen as more formal.
  • Find the dress first then coordinate the accessories after.
  • Your outfit accessories must include a fascinator or headpiece, clutch bag and heels that coordinates or interlinks with the overall outfit colour scheme you are going for, make this your key components on your check list
  • Try a Updo hair style!This looks pretty glam when done right.
  • Go for a smart tailored suit especially one in a neutral or vibrant colour, if you really can't face wearing a dress.
  • Keep makeup natural, bright lipsticks can also work!
  • Stick to floral prints, maxi dresses or midi dresses, you can never go wrong with these styles.
  • Recommend clutch bags for this design exists primarily for these kind of occasions, if you really don't fancy carrying a clutch bag all day try a small shoulder chain bag.

  • Wear black, this is not a funeral or the death of your friends/family members single life as some like to say, stick to fresh, vibrant, happy colours. Keep you dark wardrobe colour palette for Winter. *Unless it's the Grecian styled designer dress from look 1.
  • Wedding hats, unless your above the age of 45+ or if you are the Mother of the Groom or Bride, leave it to her to wear that statement wedding hat, don't steal her thunder, stick to fascinators or headpieces.
  • Wear WHITE, this should actually be number one, nobody unless told to should EVER wear white to a wedding, this is just common sense.
  • Ever do clash colours, fluorescent colours or animal prints.
  • Over do it with accessories, jewellery and headwear. Either go for the statement earrings or wear a fascinator do not do both.
  • Wear bodycon dresses, mini skirts, anything above the knee, this is a wedding not a nightclub remember!
  • Instant Tan, you don't want to look like a Umpa-Lumpa in photos or at the wedding if you feel like you need a tan, book a spray tan in advance or if the wedding is abroad get your tan game on before the ceremony as a natural tan is way better than a fake one!
  • Over do it on the makeup, go for a timeless look.
  • Leave it last minute to organise your outfit.
  • Have chipped nail varnish nails, remove the old polish and go bare or get your nails done in advance.
  • Forget to bring bag, I made this mistake before thinking I can't find a formal handbag to go with my outfit so I just won't bring one on the day this resulted in me carrying a plastic bag all day, not a great look!
Below I have created two wedding looks, one is luxury designer meaning super expensive, (WAY out of my budget)but still inspiring to see and the other is a look from high-street brands at affordable prices. Use this as a visual inspiration guide for when you need it for any upcoming weddings.

Shop wedding formalwear here:

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