Lashes On Fleek With Oh Your Lash!

Lashes On Fleek With Oh Your Lash!

I have some really exciting news to share with you! 
I have teamed up with the Beauty Brand, Oh Your Lash and I can finally announce that I am their latest Brand Ambassador promoting their fabulous product range of false eyelashes. 
People that know me well, know that I have always been the BIGGEST FAN of false eyelashes from the early age of 17, that was 11 years ago when false lashes wasn't a huge, mainstream, beauty trend as it is today. 
My fascination with false lashes stemmed from when I was a young teenager watching my Mum apply them when preparing for big social events and I remember thinking, 
"WOW she looks so GLAM, I want to look like that!".
 Back in 2007, I remember there was only a handful of false eyelash brands and a small limited selection of styles to choose from. To put it clearly, It was only one row of stocked false eyelash products on a shelf in Boots, now its the entire shelf with a huge range of different brands.
The best factor of false eyelashes being a mainstream trend now is the fact that there is so many options on styles and materials to choose from, we are spoilt with choice!
Before I agreed to collaborate with Oh Your Lash, I did a bit of research on the beauty brand, which is a common formality I do before agreeing to partnerships with brands. 
I was so impressed with their product collection that it was an easy decision to make. Not only do they offer a variety of different styles of false eyelashes in numerous materials such as Faux Mink and Silk but their eyelash strips are all carefully handcrafted. Plus their entire product collection is super affordable, with a price range starting from £8.99 including free worldwide shipping. 
I also really liked the fact that they are 100% vegan friendly and they are committed to supporting the cruelty free movement on not testing their products on animals and by not using materials derived from animals hence the Faux Mink.
 I was also drawn to their brand image as they are, young, contemporary and fun! So yes, even though I am not a professional makeup artist or a beauty blogger, I was still very much interested in the opportunity of being a brand ambassador for Oh Your Lash, as I've always loved makeup and beauty is a huge segment of the fashion industry.

#COLLAB: Sample & Review

As a Brand Ambassador for Oh Your Lash, I had the chance to sample and review one of their false eyelash products. I chose style #112 as they are a full Russian styled lash which I prefer when wearing false lashes. I love love love the full dramatic eye look!
 When I received the product I loved its glittery packaging and I was impressed with the lashes material quality, I couldn't wait to test them out. 
Firstly, I had to trim the lashes just slightly which is normally the case when I use false eyelashes as they tend to be too long for my eye-shape. I used DUO the semi-permanent, translucent, eyelash glue that I already owned as it is the best glue to achieve application results. I know that a lot of people use tweezers when applying false lashes but I can't do it that way, I always just use my finger tips!
Overall I was ecstatic with the lashes, the dramatised style really made my eyes stand out and I can honestly say that I have re-used them three times already, which really indicates their high quality! Reusable false lashes has always been an important factor for me as a shopper because who wants to buy a new pair of false-lashes every weekend or for every special social event. Not only is that expensive but it's time-consuming. 
I would highly recommend if you wear the Oh Your Lash lashes after use, pop them in its original box and when re-applying the lashes remember to remove the old glue for the best results!
Check out their entire collection here:
Don't forget to use my Discount Code for 15% off all products!

#OOTD: Leafin' It Up This Autumn


Leafin' It Up This Autumn

This chosen #OOTD is actually the first time this Autumn that I've actually worn A/W wear in Switzerland as the weather hasn't quite transitioned to it's predicted lower temperatures just yet, and who wants to wear thick coats and turtle necks when it's still 19 degrees outside? Not me!
The best thing about A/W is the thick knit jumpers, faux fur coats and the wide selection of boots which I'm definitely ready on adding to my existing collection.
  Goodbye Sandals, Hello Boots!
In this #OOTD I wore a floral, long-sleeved romper from ZARA, I've had this one for years and I still love wearing it, as the cut is super flattering. 
I styled the romper with a Cream, Faux-fur, Gillet from T.K.Maxx, the brand is Freeplume (I've never heard of it either). 
FYI T.K.Maxx is the BEST place to buy outwear items, FACT!
Why? I think this because their outerwear collection includes various known brands/designer labels and even though they are usually from previous season trends/styles, you are still bound to find an item that is very much still on trend! I buy all of my coats from there and every time I shop at "TK" I always find great stuff!
 I wore a John Galliano Vintage buckle belt on top of the Gillet. This idea of wearing belts on top of Outerwear including coats and gillets, stems from the previous S/S19 Fashion Week guests. They were my inspiration for this idea. Wearing a belt on top of outerwear not only accessorises the overall look it also creates an hourglass silhouette by nipping you in at the waist, which is perfect for Women like me who don't have that hourglass shape.
For footwear I wore Black, thigh-high, suede, heeled boots from ZARA. Again I bought these boots two A/W seasons back and I have continued to wear them every A/W since then, as thigh-high boots continue to be a reoccurring, popular footwear trend each A/W. If you don't own a pair yet, make sure you do as I can't see the fashion world dismissing this trend anytime soon!
I then finished this look with a Black Fedora hat, a favourite of mine, again from ZARA and also a MUST BUY as Fedora hats are a popular hat style choice in the Autumn/Winter months, and they do a great job in protecting your face and hair from extreme weather conditions!

Outfit Breakdown

Shop this #OOTD look here:

*Please note that the items selected below are not the exact brand names or products that I am wearing from this post but they are similar styles. Happy Shopping!

Get Online Shopping With the EyeFitU App!

Get Online Shopping With The EyeFitU App!

What are the key issues we all face when shopping online?
Is it that the item of clothing won't look the same as it does advertised in the visuals online? Or is it the uncertainty of not knowing if the item will actually fit properly, resulting in a large chance of returning the item, which is, lets face it, very time-consuming, annoying and slightly worrying when it comes to the refund policies.
From my personal experience and to why I am a bit hesitant to shop online is definitely the sizing issue. I'm not going to say I don't shop online because that would be a total lie, however I do restrict myself from impulse buying online because there is a high chance I will be returning the item for size issue reasons.
The biggest difference and I would also say downfall to online shopping compared to retail shopping is the fact you can't try items on to clarify the fit/size before purchasing. And playing the size guessing game is the risk we all take when online shopping. The, "Not knowing" is the worst part.
 To add to this sizing issue, it is a known fact that all brands size measurements are all different for example a ZARA XS will be different to say Topshop size EU34/UK6.
But what if I told you that there is now a shopping app that eliminates the online shopping sizing stress.
 Well there is now!
Introducing you to the EyeFitU App, the smart personalised shopper's app that finds your perfect size in seconds! 
The Apps aim is to help you, (the shopper) shop more sustainably and with confidence, eliminating all of the stress factors on size issues and returns.
"The App was created to avoid the hassle of ill-fitting deliveries, offering a personalised, inspirational and more eco-conscious shopping experience". EyeFitU

So, How Does It Work?

  1. First you need to download the EyeFitU app onto your phone.
  2. Create your personal EyeFitU profile via your Facebook account.
  3. Insert your main measurements into your EyeFitU profile include your; Gender, Age, Weight, Height etc.
  4. For more accurate results in sizing use their virtual measuring tape and insert further specific sizing measurement details such as your; Bust, Waist, Hips etc.
  5. After completing your EyeFitU profile you can then begin shopping directly on their app for your favourite brands at your geo-location, stress free with no hassle or worry on sizing issues. Brands include Asos, Tally Weil etc.
  6. The App also indicates garment size availability at all stores.
  7. It provides a trends page for those that need some extra guidance on styling or inspiration on current, key, seasonal fashion trends.
  8. You can also use the app when shopping for loved ones by creating multiple size profiles.Very ideal for finding that perfect clothing gift, (which actually fits) for your loved ones when shopping online.
Give it a go now and download the app here:


I am proud to announce our collaboration with the EyeFitU App and being part of the #EyeFitUCrew.
Check out more on our collaboration and campaigns on our Instagram accounts now!

#EyeFitUcrew Collab Interview

As a Blogger I am always the one interviewing Brands & Designers when it comes to collaborations but this time round I have been interviewed by the EyeFitU crew, which is really refreshing! I thought I would share the interview with you guys in this blog post so you can get to know me more.

1. Hey Marianna! Welcome to the #EyeFitUcrew. For those who don’t know you, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi Guys! It's nice to meet you all and I'm super excited to be part of the #EyeFitUcrew.

I am Marianna Reid, CEO/Fashion Blogger/Influencer and owner of the fashion blog,

2.  What was your inspiration to start your blog?

I created my fashion blog in 2015 to use as a creative online platform to share and express my thoughts/ ideas as well as communicate my love for fashion on a global scale. I have always been obsessed with the Fashion Industry and I have subconsciously always had a secret talent for writing and so it was a natural professional step for me to create my own blog.

My blogs aim is to educate and inspire our readers by discussing key topics from Trends, designers & brands, styling advice, outfit building/inspiration, to encourage those to identify their own personal fashion style and to boost their self-confidence.

3. Describe your style in three words.

Unpredictable , Eccentric , Creative

4. Name your top three high street brands and top three designer brands.

  • Zara, Topshop, Mango

  • Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana

5. What trend would you like to see make a comeback next season? And what trend should never, ever, EVER return?

I am obsessed with coloured faux-fur coats, the more vibrant the colour, the better!I hope to see that outerwear trend to be EVERYWHERE this A/W.

The worst footwear trend that was in a few years ago was the Jelly shoes that should never come back as well as Balenciaga’s Croc style wedges.

6.Can you tell us which brands you have collaborated with and which campaign you enjoyed the most or found most interesting?

The best part of blogging is definitely the amazing opportunities that come with it. Including collaborating with all kinds of brands from different sectors of the industry as well as being invited to private events. I have worked with so many brands now, I honestly can’t pick a favourite as they have all been fun, memorable and a different experience in their own way.

7. Name the most fashionable city you’ve ever been to, the most fashionable movie you’ve ever seen and your ultimate style icon.

  • London & Copenhagen
  • Sex & The City Series
  • My style icon always changes but right now it has to be Fashion Influencers; Jeanette Friis Madsen and Vanessa Hong (They are without a doubt the trendiest girls on IG right now)!

8. Have you ever experienced sizing issues?

YES! All the time. I seem to be a certain size with one brand then another with a different brand. That is why I always have a policy of trying items on before purchasing but there have been so many occasions where I buy and then try at home resulting in returning the item, which is very time consuming and tedious.

9. What interests you about EyeFitU?

I like the fact that the EyeFitU app takes away the stress of online shopping when it comes to figuring out if an item of clothing is going to fit before purchasing. By giving your size preferences beforehand, you can relax and actually enjoy the online shopping process without worrying about sizing or returns.

10. What do you think about the innovative collaboration between Fashion and Technology? How do you think it will shape the fashion industry?

I think Fashion and Technology is the present and the future. The two industries will continue to collaborate and innovate to achieve consumer needs and high demands/expectations.

Moschino X H&M Collaboration Collection

Moschino X H&M

On April 15th H&M announced their latest designer collaboration with the Italian power house, Moschino, who's creative director is the Pop Art, fashion designer and icon, Jeremy Scott (as we all know).
Since then, we haven't had a glimpse of any designs from this collaboration collection until now!
On October 6th the first images from the Moschino X H&M collaboration collection was released and it was well worth the wait. 
The uber glamorous campaign features supermodels and this campaigns muses, Gigi Hadid and Imaan Hammam. 
The campaign was inspired by a 1950s salon show, shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Carlyne Nerf de Dudzeele.
"The Moschino X H&M partnership is the perfect collaboration for fashion right now. Mixing pop street culture, logos and also glamour". 
Ann-Sofie Johansson (H&M Creative Advisor)

The Campaign

The Collection

The ready-to-wear collaboration collection includes Womenswear, Menswear and also clothing for pets. The collection is a mix of haute couture and urban street wear with a touch of Jeremy Scott's humour, uniqueness and pop art style.
The collection includes Mickey Mouse knitwear dresses, leather mini-skirts and cropped jackets with statement zips, padlock bags, denim overalls, MTV oversized hoodies, sequins, faux fur, thigh-high-laced boots, chain belts, logo tees, vibrant colours and prints, statement chunky oversized jewellery and much much more!

"Whenever I design, I think about my friends. The Moschino X H&M look book is like a party, celebrating the fun, the pop, the creativity and the energy of the people and the collection".
Jeremy Scott.

 The Moschino X H&M collaboration collection will be officially launched in selected H&M stores and online worldwide from November 8th.
Take a sneak peek of some of the best looks from their collaboration collection in their recently launched look book below, which was debut just a few days ago!

The Look Book

Learn more about the Moschino X H&M collaboration collection here:

© Marianna Reid

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