Lashes On Fleek With Oh Your Lash!

Lashes On Fleek With Oh Your Lash!

I have some really exciting news to share with you! 
I have teamed up with the Beauty Brand, Oh Your Lash and I can finally announce that I am their latest Brand Ambassador promoting their fabulous product range of false eyelashes. 
People that know me well, know that I have always been the BIGGEST FAN of false eyelashes from the early age of 17, that was 11 years ago when false lashes wasn't a huge, mainstream, beauty trend as it is today. 
My fascination with false lashes stemmed from when I was a young teenager watching my Mum apply them when preparing for big social events and I remember thinking, 
"WOW she looks so GLAM, I want to look like that!".
 Back in 2007, I remember there was only a handful of false eyelash brands and a small limited selection of styles to choose from. To put it clearly, It was only one row of stocked false eyelash products on a shelf in Boots, now its the entire shelf with a huge range of different brands.
The best factor of false eyelashes being a mainstream trend now is the fact that there is so many options on styles and materials to choose from, we are spoilt with choice!
Before I agreed to collaborate with Oh Your Lash, I did a bit of research on the beauty brand, which is a common formality I do before agreeing to partnerships with brands. 
I was so impressed with their product collection that it was an easy decision to make. Not only do they offer a variety of different styles of false eyelashes in numerous materials such as Faux Mink and Silk but their eyelash strips are all carefully handcrafted. Plus their entire product collection is super affordable, with a price range starting from £8.99 including free worldwide shipping. 
I also really liked the fact that they are 100% vegan friendly and they are committed to supporting the cruelty free movement on not testing their products on animals and by not using materials derived from animals hence the Faux Mink.
 I was also drawn to their brand image as they are, young, contemporary and fun! So yes, even though I am not a professional makeup artist or a beauty blogger, I was still very much interested in the opportunity of being a brand ambassador for Oh Your Lash, as I've always loved makeup and beauty is a huge segment of the fashion industry.

#COLLAB: Sample & Review

As a Brand Ambassador for Oh Your Lash, I had the chance to sample and review one of their false eyelash products. I chose style #112 as they are a full Russian styled lash which I prefer when wearing false lashes. I love love love the full dramatic eye look!
 When I received the product I loved its glittery packaging and I was impressed with the lashes material quality, I couldn't wait to test them out. 
Firstly, I had to trim the lashes just slightly which is normally the case when I use false eyelashes as they tend to be too long for my eye-shape. I used DUO the semi-permanent, translucent, eyelash glue that I already owned as it is the best glue to achieve application results. I know that a lot of people use tweezers when applying false lashes but I can't do it that way, I always just use my finger tips!
Overall I was ecstatic with the lashes, the dramatised style really made my eyes stand out and I can honestly say that I have re-used them three times already, which really indicates their high quality! Reusable false lashes has always been an important factor for me as a shopper because who wants to buy a new pair of false-lashes every weekend or for every special social event. Not only is that expensive but it's time-consuming. 
I would highly recommend if you wear the Oh Your Lash lashes after use, pop them in its original box and when re-applying the lashes remember to remove the old glue for the best results!
Check out their entire collection here:
Don't forget to use my Discount Code for 15% off all products!

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