Who Wore What At Coachella 2019

Who Wore What At Coachella 2019

This years annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, mainly known to us as Coachella, has been and gone, and once again it has not gone unnoticed. The two week music festival began on the 12th-21st April and attracted the usual guests of Celebs and Influencers! You knew exactly when the festival started because you literally couldn't scroll down your IG feed without seeing a post based on Coachella. This once Hippy-loving, bohemian festival located in the Southern California desert used to be an attraction to music and art enthusiasts and still is, however it has now become more of a social media publicity event, where influencers are paid to attend and paid to be seen in branded outfits. This has naturally stemmed from the previous Coachella Festivals in the past, where there has been a global fascination from outsiders as well as the fashion industry on street style looks and outfits worn at this bohemian themed festival. 
In my opinion people go to Coachella to be seen there and to say that they've been to Coachella. Like if you haven't been photographed in front of the iconic Coachella ferris wheel and posted it on IG, were you ever really there? It has become such a mainstream and globally recognised festival with a main focus on fashion that it has now overlooked the actual festival lineup and music scene. Don't get me wrong it does look like an incredible music festival but if you look at the content produced by influencers on Coachella, they are all basically promoting branded goods, which makes me think that the festival has become more of a publicity event, than an actual music festival which embraces and celebrates musical talent.
Each year I create a blog post based on Coachella as I do love seeing all the outfits, it's basically like the street style looks at all of the Fashion Week shows but at a music festival.
So who wore what at Coachella 2019?
Coachella has always had a Bohemian vibe to it, with it being a music festival located in the desert and so the styles relate to this theme. This year we saw a lot more skin than usual with guests wearing bikini tops, boob tubes and bralettes worn with high-waisted denim shorts or skirts. Cowboy boots was the most popular footwear of choice. Crotchet dresses, fringing, frayed-denim, lace, silk, Co-ord sets, fedora - cowboy - bucket hats were very popular. Kimonos, 90s style sunglasses, Band T-shirts, Body chains, Tie-dye, Leopard print, over-layering of multi-necklaces, statement hair accessories especially hair clips and lets not forget the glitter and jewelled face stickers!
Here are some of the Coachella 2019 outfits,
 Which one is your favourite?
Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid
Olivia Culpo

@ellenvlora & @flamcis


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