Linziclip - Hair Clips With A Difference!

Hair Clips With A Difference!

The time has finally come to announce my latest collaboration with the hair accessories brand, Linziclip. I don't know about you but I use hair clips on a daily basis, especially when I need to clip away my hair to apply my makeup in the morning. There is nothing worse than getting strands of hair in concealer! I usually use two very basic duckbill clips which are generally used by hairdressers to clip away hair when styling it. My hair type is long, thin and naturally straight so when it's clean and it has that silky texture, I find it impossible to find a claw clip that holds my hair without sliding out. That is why I was excited to collaborate with  Linziclip, who have reinvented the original claw clip!


Linziclip was created by Lindsey Walker and Shelley-Anne Salisbury with the main purpose and goal to produce a more contemporary claw clip that didn't share the same issues as the original one. They eliminated the painful claw clip teeth, the visible springs and designed a unique version with a cylindrical shape with two hidden springs. This new design is said to have a more secure and comfortable grip and doesn't snag or slip out of the hair, plus it doesn't leave kinks!
Since the original Linziclip claw clip the team have continued to innovate the design by launching different sizes and adding vibrant colours and prints to their product range. The Linziclip claw clip is now available in three sizes to match different hair types, including; 

  • Maxi (fine and thin hair)
  • Midi (medium and thicker hair)
  •  Mini (all hair types)
"The Linziclip® is a revolutionary new hair clip which thanks to its patented advanced gripping mechanism and two spring device, camouflages the inner workings of the old style claw clip whilst gripping the hair better than ever before. Invented for versatility, looks and comfort with its unique cylindrical shape, the Linziclip® has taken the world by storm and is selling in 17 countries around the world and counting". Linziclip


In this collaboration with Linziclip, they kindly sent out a variety of product samples for me to try. I received eight different styles from their current collection including their Mini, Midi and Maxi claw clips, all in various colours and prints including; Bold basics, Diamont√© encrusted, Leopard and Zebra prints and matte finish. I was eager to test out the new claw clip to see if it really did work with my hair type.
My first impressions of the Linziclip claw clip was that it was noticeably different with its unique shape and flat back. I was impressed with the robustness of the clasp and its hidden springs. My favourite styles were the Leopard and Zebra prints and I would recommend the design team to continue to launch contemporary prints such as these ones.
I tried the Linziclip's with clean and straightened hair. When it is freshly washed my hair is usually very silky and clips fail to grip onto it properly in this condition.  I then tried out various hair styles with the clips, hairstyles that I would usually do at home. The clips that worked the best with my hair type was the Mini and Maxi and I would definitely use the Maxi more often as it holds more hair. I was genuinely surprised that the Linziclip's managed to hold my hair in multiple styles when it was freshly washed and in that type of condition. The claw clips not only managed to hold my hair for a long period of time, it also stayed  in the exact position where I initially placed it. It didn't slide out once in any of the multiple styles that I tried out. I even forgot it was in my hair for a while, that is how comfortable these clips are! They are also super easy to use and to remove without getting your hair stuck or tangled in the clip. I highly recommend for you to try them out too!
Check out the styles I created below!


In collaboration with Linziclip, we are giving away a multi-pack of Linziclips to ONE lucky winner!
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To learn more about Linziclip and to view their full collection click here:


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