6 Hair Trends To Revamp Your Hairstyle

Are you bored of your traditional hairstyle and want to spice up your look a bit or are you scared to take the risk of chopping your long locks off into a stylish bob? Decisions, decisions, decisions, we have all been there, and let's face it your hair is a significant part of your overall style. I think it's great to experiment with your hair and to try different colors, cuts, and styles out but I would highly recommend going to a hair salon, seeking advice from a professional, and getting a hairdresser to complete the hair transformation for you instead of doing it yourself at home.
Hair trends are a lot like beauty and fashion trends, they are seasonal and continuously change and evolve so I would advise you to not try and keep up with hair trends but find one that you absolutely love, and go for it! Even if you don't like your new hairstyle, don't worry your hair will always grow back.

We have done the hard work for you in researching the most popular and stylish hair trends of 2021, to help you revamp your style! 

Take a look here:

1. The Blunt Bob Cut (Our FAVE style)

2.  Layer it up!

3. Chunky Highlights (The Alice Band Technique)

4. Oh Natural Textured Hair

5.  Curtain Fringe

6. Beachy Mermaid Waves

The Natural Remedies For Longer & Healthier Hair

As you may know, I am not a hair expert or a professional or a guru but I wanted to share with you my knowledge on how to achieve longer and healthier hair, the NATURAL way. I also wanted to share with you my hair failures and negative experiences as I think quite a few females can relate to this.
I am like most girls where we have that sudden urge to want to change our hair from time to time. This usually happens to me when I am bored with my hair or during seasonal transitions. This year was no different, I decided to get 70's bangs around October time and after 3 weeks I was completely OVER it and now I am wishing I had my old hair back, which is the typical, standard reaction I have when changing my hair.
I actually feel sorry for my hair for the amount of abuse it has received over the years. I have dyed my natural dark brown locks, red, black, ombré, and blue. 
The worst experience I have had with my hair was the time I got it bleached to the point of damaging it so immensely and losing 1/4 of my hair just to achieve the Ombré look and yes I did have it done professionally. At this time my hair was espresso brown, naturally long, and in immaculate, silky condition. I was absolutely gutted at the state of my hair after bleaching it and I couldn't even enjoy my new ombré, shorter hair due to the fact that I lost so much hair and damaged it so badly to achieve that look. I eventually dyed it back to brown 6 months later.
Another bad experience I had with my hair was when I used to wear clip-in hair extensions and I did so from the age of 18-24. I have always had thin but long hair and wanted a more voluminous look. This was during the time that backcombing your hair was a popular trend and I think it was also around the time hair extensions became mainstream. I used to wear the 22" deluxe double weft full headset in the darkest brown, that is 8 weft pieces with a total of 18 clips, 155 grams of EU Remy hair. I'm not going to lie, these hair extensions were the best of the best and they were amazing quality but what you don't get told is that wearing hair clips near your hair roots, gripping 155 grams worth of fake hair can result in pulling out your natural hair. This is caused by the weight of the hair on the clips which can also result in bald patches. This is when I decided to stop wearing hair extensions!
They say you learn your most valuable lessons in life through bad experiences and I feel like that relates to my hair. If it wasn't for these bad hair moments, I wouldn't know what I know now on how to achieve healthier locks.

Here is my list of natural remedies that I swear by to achieve healthier and longer hair:

1. Stop using heated hair tools: This includes heated hair straighteners, blow-dries, curling/waving tongs, heated rollers, and any mechanical heated hair tool in which burns/ frazzles your hair. If you want to see REAL results do this for a month or longer. The longer the recovery time for your hair the better the results. If you use all these items above on a regular basis then your hair will need more time to recover from the heat damage to its natural health and I will tell you now the results are worth it! 
What I usually do is, I only use heated hair tools for special occasions but on a daily basis, I wash my hair, dry it with a hairdryer but apply heat protector spray beforehand, or naturally let it dry and leave it in its natural state. If you don't like your natural hair texture or style, you can always create natural hair waves or curls without using heated appliances or try different hairstyles such as plaits, buns, or ponytails?
2. Stop wearing hair extensions: As said before I was also a big fan of hair extensions for years and I didn't realise the damage it was doing to my natural hair. I can honestly say when you decide to stop wearing false hair extensions of any sort i.e. clip in's or weaves you will see a dramatic change in your hair. The weight of my clip in hair extensions was pulling at my natural hair roots which not only gave me the odd bald patch but stopped my hair grow naturally. When I decided to stop wearing hair extensions,  I felt bald as you get so used to having that much fake hair but after time my hair began to grow naturally to the point where people asked if my hair was real or not just because it was SO LONG and in amazing condition. This is such an important remedy to achieve longer hair you have to stop wearing fake hair and look after your real natural locks!
3. Give your hair a break from hair dye: Now this is an important point, STOP dying your hair especially bleaching it. Do you know why you can't keep bleach in your hair for long? Because it will burn your entire hair off and your scalp. Do you really think burning your hair is good for it? NO! It results in hair loss. Would you rather remain a certain hair colour but have your hair in the worst condition ever, or keep it natural and have your hair looking healthy?
Don't get me wrong I dye my hair sometimes too but as a brunette, I find the darker hair dyes are less damaging than the lighter hair dyes. Every time I have tried to dye my hair lighter it has completely damaged my hair and taken at least 6 months to recover from it!
At the end of the day, hair dyes are chemicals so the best way to view this remedy is to give your hair a break from all these chemicals and give your hair some serious deep conditioning and TLC.

4. Hair Masks: If you're a fan of face masks then you have to try a hair mask at the same time, it's double the pamper and it feels great! I started using hair masks when my hair was completely damaged by bleach. The texture of my hair was in the worst state it has ever been in, it felt like hay and was completely dead. Since then I have gotten into a routine of wearing a hair mask at least once a week. Your hair like your skin needs some serious TLC too sometimes and using a hair mask is the perfect way to condition and reconstruct your hair into the best possible condition.
I love testing out different hair masks but the ones that I am obsessed with at the moment are:

  • Olaplex No3
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • OGX Argan Oil of Morocco
  • OGX Anti-breakage Keratin oil
  • Pantene Prov-V Intense Mask
If the product has Keratin Oil, Argan Oil, or Coconut Oil in it, it's a winner in my eyes!
The way I apply the hair mask is, I dampen my hair with water, I then apply a generous amount of product into my hands and condition/massage the product in my hair. I then brush it through with a comb. I personally leave the hair mask in my hair overnight but it sometimes states on the packaging to leave the product in for just 10 minutes, I never do and I always see amazing results wearing the hair mask overnight.

5. Trim it: I used to HATE getting my hair trimmed and only went when my split ends started looking like what I call, "Rat tails". The reason why I hated getting my hair trimmed was that they always cut off too much and I mean every time! There is a myth that getting your hair trimmed makes your hair grow faster and I have just researched this and I can now confirm that it is not true! They say haircuts help because it encourages hair growth by getting rid of damaged, broken or split ends but cutting your split ends doesn't affect the follicle in your scalp which determines how fast and how much your hair grows! So spread the word, people! However, the reason why I have included this as a remedy for healthier looking hair is that you have to cut off your damaged hair to achieve this look and let's face it split ends are not cute!
So try out these natural remedies, it has worked for me and a lot of my friends who have the longest hair have all said the same thing to me. Once you leave your hair alone and stop using chemicals and heated products you hair will grow naturally and be in the best condition it has ever been in. 
Let me know if this works for you too!

Lashes On Fleek With Oh Your Lash!

I have some really exciting news to share with you! 
I have teamed up with the Beauty Brand, Oh Your Lash and I can finally announce that I am their latest Brand Ambassador promoting their fabulous product range of false eyelashes. 
People that know me well, know that I have always been the BIGGEST FAN of false eyelashes from the early age of 17, that was 11 years ago when false lashes wasn't a huge, mainstream, beauty trend as it is today. 
My fascination with false lashes stemmed from when I was a young teenager watching my Mum apply them when preparing for big social events and I remember thinking, 
"WOW she looks so GLAM, I want to look like that!".
 Back in 2007, I remember there was only a handful of false eyelash brands and a small limited selection of styles to choose from. To put it clearly, It was only one row of stocked false eyelash products on a shelf in Boots, now its the entire shelf with a huge range of different brands.
The best factor of false eyelashes being a mainstream trend now is the fact that there is so many options on styles and materials to choose from, we are spoilt with choice!
Before I agreed to collaborate with Oh Your Lash, I did a bit of research on the beauty brand, which is a common formality I do before agreeing to partnerships with brands. 
I was so impressed with their product collection that it was an easy decision to make. Not only do they offer a variety of different styles of false eyelashes in numerous materials such as Faux Mink and Silk but their eyelash strips are all carefully handcrafted. Plus their entire product collection is super affordable, with a price range starting from £8.99 including free worldwide shipping. 
I also really liked the fact that they are 100% vegan friendly and they are committed to supporting the cruelty-free movement on not testing their products on animals and by not using materials derived from animals hence the Faux Mink.
 I was also drawn to their brand image as they are, young, contemporary, and fun! So yes, even though I am not a professional makeup artist or a beauty blogger, I was still very much interested in the opportunity of being a brand ambassador for Oh Your Lash, as I've always loved makeup, and beauty is a huge segment of the fashion industry.

#COLLAB: Sample & Review

As a Brand Ambassador for Oh Your LashI had the chance to sample and review one of their false eyelash products. I chose style #112 as they are a full Russian styled lash which I prefer when wearing false lashes. I love love love the full dramatic eye look!
 When I received the product I loved its glittery packaging and I was impressed with the lashes material quality, I couldn't wait to test them out. 
Firstly, I had to trim the lashes just slightly which is normally the case when I use false eyelashes as they tend to be too long for my eye-shape. I used DUO the semi-permanent, translucent, eyelash glue that I already owned as it is the best glue to achieve application results. I know that a lot of people use tweezers when applying false lashes but I can't do it that way, I always just use my finger tips!
Overall I was ecstatic with the lashes, the dramatised style really made my eyes stand out and I can honestly say that I have re-used them three times already, which really indicates their high quality! Reusable false lashes has always been an important factor for me as a shopper because who wants to buy a new pair of false-lashes every weekend or for every special social event. Not only is that expensive but it's time-consuming. 
I would highly recommend if you wear the Oh Your Lash lashes after use, pop them in its original box and when re-applying the lashes remember to remove the old glue for the best results!
Check out their entire collection here:
Don't forget to use my Discount Code for 15% off all products!

Stunning Cosmetics: Sample & Review

The Stunning Beauty Panel

Last week I was chosen amongst a selected few by Stunning Cosmetics to become a member of their Stunning Beauty Panel to sample their brand new collection of innovative tanning products, which I obviously accepted being a huge tanning junkie!
 I was sent a lovely beauty package from Stunning Cosmetics which included their new Nourishing Oils Body Scrub, Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark, Tanning Glove and their Nourishing Oils Body Butter. 
I have sampled and tested all of their new products to give you an exclusive overview on the results!
If you are like me and prefer using tanning products over the Sunbeds then I think you have probably experienced splashing out on various branded tanning products and experimented with tanning products such as gradual tanning foams, mousses, creams, and sprays to find that perfect fake tan that suits your skin! You also want a tan that looks natural and not orange, nobody wants to look like an "Umpa Lumpa". You also want a tan that is streak-free and not patchy as well as not having that fake tan smell that A LOT of Tanning products have. I personally have probably experimented with every branded tanning product sold in Superdrug or Boots and so I hope you trust my honest opinion on the Stunning Cosmetics Tanning product collection.
View all of the Stunning Cosmetics product collections below and shop online now to use my exclusive discount code at the online checkout for 20% off the entire collection until the end of April 2017!
Discount Code: MAZZIE20
About Stunning Cosmetics
At Stunning Cosmetics, they embrace natural and organic ingredients in their products to create the perfect sunless tan. They use a professional salon tanning formula that is uniquely blended to give you an instant, streak-free, natural-looking tan in just one application. In their unique formula, there are two premium tanning agents: DHI and Erythrulose which is key to their "Stunning" tan!
All of their products contain the purest ingredients with natural extracts and are free from parabens which suit all skin types. All their products are also Dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.
Stunning Cosmetics New Product Collection Review
 Stunning Cosmetics chose me to be a member of the Stunning Beauty Panel testing & sampling their new product collection of innovative tanning products. I will describe the products sent to me by Stunning Cosmetics and my experience in sampling them as well as the end results to give you a full detailed overview on their new tanning product collection.
1. Nourishing Oils Body Scrub:£14
Nobody likes a patchy tan which sometimes even looks like your skin is pealing when the old gradual-tan starts to fade off the skin and the best way to get rid of this is to use a body scrub! The Nourishing Oils Body Scrub I found did the trick in removing all old, previous tanning products fading and flaking on my body. I firstly had a warm bath, I then applied the scrub onto my damp skin massaging it in circular motions, and then I rinsed off all the excess body scrub with water.
I also love the smell of the Nourishing Oils Body Scrub, it has a lovely scent and fragrance to it! The scrub is for normal/ dry/very dry skin with decreased elasticity and firmness. It nourishes, hydrates, and regenerates lipid layer.
2.Nourishing Oils Body Butter: £14
I always moisturize before applying a gradual tan because I find it's an easier application process and the tan sinks into the skin better with the moisturizer giving you the best flawless tan! The Nourishing Oils Body Butter is recommended to use after the scrub. It is not an overly thick cream but hydrates the skin instantly and does not have a sticky after-feel. It smells AMAZING and it reminds me of holidays! It has a suncream/coconut butter aroma to it.
The body butter is for normal/dry/very dry skin and prevents premature aging.
3.Self Tan Applicator Mitt: £4
The Stunning Cosmetics Self Tan Applicator Mitt is a must to avoid stained tanned hands and to apply the tan on properly. I found this tanning-mitt really good quality, I can tell in comparison to previous tanning mitts I have used in the past that this mitt will not rip after numerous uses or over absorb the tanning product. The velvet side is also very soft and applies the tanning product evenly onto the skin giving you that flawless finish tan and avoiding any streaky/patchy results. You can also wash & rinse this tanning mitt in warm soapy water to get rid of any old excess tan from previous uses and then reuse it again! 
4.Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark:£10
After moisturizing thoroughly I then applied the Stunning Cosmetics Tanning Mousse in Medium/Dark onto my skin using the tanning mitt. I usually shake the bottle before using a tanning mousse. I applied the tan in a circular motion all over my face and body making sure I didn't miss any spots. I noticed that the tanning mousse was in more of a liquid form, it was fragrance-free and applied to my skin flawlessly. I sometimes find that during the application of tan, it builds up in certain dry-skin areas and creates dark patches but this mousse didn't do that.
I found that the tan had an immediate bronze effect and helped hide skin imperfections instantly.
 I was even happier with the end results the following morning when I noticed that the tan was not orange but a natural, sun-kissed tan. It was also streak-free and not patchy. I also didn't smell like fake tan which is actually amazing and I haven't ever found a gradual-fake-tan that has been this fragrance-free before! 
I highly recommend this gradual tan if you are looking for a Streak-free,fragrance-free, sunkissed, natural-looking tan!
View all of the Stunning Cosmetics product collections below and shop online now to use my exclusive discount code at the online checkout for 20% off the entire collection until the end of April 2017!
Discount Code: MAZZIE20

This A/W16 hair trends & styles that were popular on the runway this season includes finger waves, maximum hair accessories, 70s style textured curls, chignon buns, straight & sleek, ponytails, and individualism.
The Individualism trend was seen at numerous Fashion Week catwalk shows in all 4 cities. This trend means leaving the catwalk models' hair as it is naturally in the shows representing their own personal style and individuality as a person.
1. Finger Waves
Seen at the Dries Van Noten and Marc Jacobs show. The 1920s inspiration-styled finger waves trend was seen at all Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan, and New York. From lacquered curls to gentle wave fringes in an updo.
2. The Up-do: Chignon
The Ballet styled chignons were a popular trend this season from the Valentino show where dancer buns were seen on the models and at Dior's show twin knot buns were a key look. Lower buns with various knot styles were seen in other shows as well as messy up-dos with natural wispy hair strands giving that classic elegance.
3. Hair  Jewellery & Accessories
This was one of the most popular hair trends this A/W 16 season. Overstated hair accessories and jewellery placed in an up-do style. Accessories included broches, jewels, flowers and chains. Seen at the Alexander McQueen & Erdem shows. Real flowers and hair floral accessories were seen at the Rodarte show and D&G.
4. 70s Styled Curls
The bigger the curls the better with this trend. With Textured perms and curly fringes this 70s influenced hair style was seen at Vivienne Westwood, Chloe and Alexander McQueen.
Image result for aw16 hair curls
5. Variation Plaits
Another big trend this season with stepping up the plaits generic look and combining various different styled plaits together in one look. 
Image result for aw16 hair plaits
Image result for aw16 hair plaits

6. The Ponytail
Different styled ponytails were seen on the catwalk with low ponytails collaborated with a topknot as well as slick back,side parting textured low ponytails, plait ponytails and bun styled ponytails.
Image result for aw16 hair ponytail
7. Straight and Sleek
Its time to fish out the GHDs because this look is back the straight, sleek styled hair was seen at Jasper Conran, Jil Sander, Balmain and H&M.
Image result for aw16 hair straight
Spring/Summer 2016: Beauty Trend

The key colour trend this Spring/Summer 2016 is the colour Blue. Seen at all designer shows the statement trend is to exaggerate the eyes with bold blue hues.
Blue Glittery eyeshadows was a key beauty look at the Giambattisa Valli show. Blue gel glitter eyeliner was seen at the Dries Von Noten and Hugo Boss show. Marc Jacobs rocked a messy blue eye shadow look and at Chanel blue hues were worn in a superhero styled eye mask covering the brows and finishing above the cheek bone. Baby blue and pale cobalt shades were mainly used in the designer shows and seen on the catwalks. DVF experimented with shimmering mermaid styled teal eyes and a darker, cobalt blue, wet look,shadow was seen at Missoni.

Giambattisa Valli
Marc Jacobs
Hugo Boss


1. Super Straight
The return of the sleek, straight hair appeared on catwalks this season accessorised with hairbands, combined with straight partings, messy quiffs, full blunt fringes and some textured styles. Seen at the Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, Sibling and Alexander Wang shows.
2.The Buzzcut
This new hair trend is the boldest and most bravest out of all the styles this season. The Buzzcut was debuted at Saint Laurent, Gucci,Lanvin and Versace. Models at the Versace show had bleach blonde Buzzcut styled hair with matching bleach blonde eyebrows.

3. Pastel Coloured Hair Dye
Pastel coloured hair such as lilacs, baby pink and rose gold were seen at Louis Vuitton, Carven and Vivienne Westwood.
Louis Vuitton
4. Choker hair also known as The Tuck
A new trend this season hair tucked into neck scarves and chokers seen at the Christopher Kane show.

Christopher Kane
Christopher Kane
5. The Mini Fringe
This new style bang is kept sharp and short seen at Lanvin,Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane and Marc Jacobs. Prada models had bangs that were textured and had the wet look effect. Gucci models had bangs which were fluffy, chopped and slightly longer.

Alexander Wang
Christopher Kane
Marc Jacobs
6. Puns
This style is the collaboration of a low ponytail and a bun. This new trend was seen at shows such as Philip Lim, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta.

In the form of a polished mid ponytail then finished off with plaiting the tail. Seen at the Celine show.

Spring/ Summer 2015: HAIR TRENDS:

The out of the water look.

Also known as the wet hair look the out of the water hair trend is a key trend this Spring/Summer 2015. The slick back, shiny, textured hair trend hit the runway this season in different styles. From lightly gelled at the Versace show to fresh out the water at Thakoon to wet hair slicked back into a tight bun at the Calvin Klein show.

Calvin Klein
Zac Posen
This trend is perfect for holiday season,for the beach and for the Summer nights. The wet hair look is quick and easy to achieve by after washing your hair put some gel or moose all over and then comb your hair back you can even use hair pins to keep your hair in place to when the gel or moose has dried. 

The wet look trend has also hit the red carpet with celebrities such as...

Kim K
Gigi Hadid
Penelope Cruz

Ponytails dominated the catwalk this season. The Ponytail is a key trend this season from sleek,straight, long, low ponytails, to boho waves,messy,high ponytails. Anything goes with this trend add knots or plaits to your ponytail. You can wear a ponytail in a variety of ways with a centre or a side parting. It is an elegant style and it will look perfect with occasion wear. Not only does is show off your face it also defines your cheek bones.

Designers such as Gucci, Oscar De La Renta, J.Mendel, Stella McCartney, Ralf Lauren, Pamella Roland, Prada, Fendi, Alexander Wang all used this hair trend in their shows this season.

Here are a few pics of different style ponytails straight from the catwalk for inspiration and ideas on how to do your own!
Stella McCartney
Oscar De La Renta
Pamella Roland

              PLAITS & BRAIDS

Get ready in practising your plaiting and braiding skills because this is a big trend this season. 

Designer brands such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen all used this hair trend in their S/S 2015 shows.

Think plait anything meaning plait your pony tail,combine plaits in your high bun, fish tail plaits, singular plaits with messy wavy mermaid style hair and greek goddess style plaits. 

With this style anything goes so try different plait styles and see which one is your fave! Even try using hair dyes such as pinks and blues to create a multi coloured rainbow plait with your hair.


Boho Waves! You know what that means its time to grow out your bobs from last season thats if you have one!Its all about long, textured, mermaid hair!

  Designers such as Emilio Pucci, Chanel, Alberta Feretti, Sonia Rykie, Anna Sui, Chloe and Valentino all used this key hair trend on their models this season.

There are waving curlers out there in the marketplace that's if you fancy purchasing some! Mark Hill does a great waving curler to achieve big waves but if you don‘t want to splash out then don‘t worry you can also achieve this look at home. Firstly, after washing and drying your hair split your hair in four parts, plait four plaits, two on each side of your head.It's best to do this before bed, sleep with your hair in the plaits. The next morning use your straighteners and iron over your plaits, from the top of the plaits to the ends. Undo your plaits and then brush out your hair you should now have fabulous mermaid, boho waves! Try it yourself at home. :)

Celebs that are loving the boho waves! Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson, Nichole Ritchie and Sienna Miller.


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